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Maximum flexibility for data acquisition and export

The web platform is the heart of the system.

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ERMES MONITOR, Application programming interface

Inbound API

The Ermes Web App web platform can be powered simultaneously by one or more data sources.

In practice, these sources can be one or more of our ErmesLog dataloggers installed in the field or one or more Json data streams appropriately coded and authorized coming from third-party systems (PLC or remote servers).

To use the platform, the exclusive use of our data loggers is therefore not mandatory.

To favor installations in the field and avoid the criticalities of a star-center architecture, our philosophy suggests to evaluate the cost / benefit of a distributed installation in the field of several dataloggers in order to read portions of the system (which are then aggregated by the web interface).

The use of our API inbound is free.


Standard outbound API

In addition to the manual data extraction section from the web platform, we are open and available to cover specific data warehouse needs.

The simpler and free versions of our outbound APIs are free and allow you to download aggregate daily data.
These APIs are typically used to publish the most significant aggregate data of your plants on your website or information panels.

Advanced outbound API

This version of API, available optionally, allows you to download data with samples that can reach up to 10′.

The data available with these APIs is not the aggregate data but the detail data of each individual device.