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Our research & development structure is constantly striving to create new innovative products.


Our hardware catalogue

Our research & development structure is constantly striving to create new innovative products.

Below you can learn more about the characteristics of those available today:

Datalogger Ermes 5

It is an industrial device designed and produced in Italy.

With a single data logger it is possible to simultaneously connect 50 devices between inverters, string panels, production / exchange meters, energy meters or other devices.

All data is sent to the ErmesMonitor.com cloud via the integrated ethernet port or via an optional 4G modem.

The data logger has two expansion slots useful for example for the 4G modem or other future expansion modules.

The data logger can be conveniently configured remotely via the cloud web application or for eth settings via the convenient display.


IP56 ErmesBox box

Gewiss IP56 box 300x220x120 (5kg) with wall fixing brackets.

Pre-wired interior with 10A magnetothermic switch, AC 220V – 15V DC industrial power supply, lead backup battery, external cable glands in place.

DIN bar for Ermes datalogger hooking.

Ermes monitor

Digital weather kit

It consists of an RS-485 digital solar cell + a panel temperature probe.

  • Monocrystalline silicon cell.
  • Measurement of cell values with TZOS (R) technology.
  • Error compensation for temperature for greater accuracy.
  • High resistance to atmospheric agents.
  • Compliant with standard IEC EN 61215 par.10,11,12.
  • Compliant with EN 61724-1: 2017 (PV Monitoring Systems standard).
Ermes monitor

GPRS outdoor antenna
with 5 m cable

Ip65, complete with support for wall mounting.

Suitable for 2G GPRS connections

Ermes monitor

ITA plug-in power supply

Power supply equipped with a fixed DC plug: 5.5 x 2.1 x 10 mm

Input voltage 100-240 V AC; 12 V DC output

Output current 1.5A

European type AC input plug

Stabilized version, with status LED. With short circuit, overload, overcurrent protection. Overheating protection: not present

Ermes monitor

data SIM

Data SIM with Wind signal coverage. For Italy coverage only.

Prepaid annual service. Minimum contractual term: 24 months.

It works exclusively with Ermes datalogger.

Ermes monitor