Ermes Monitor is a monitoring and energy efficiency platform.

ErmesMonitor photovoltaic monitoring platform

The platform architecture is designed for remote monitoring of thousands of sites of production and/or consumption.

About production monitoring, the system is designed to handle photovoltaic systems of all sizes, from 3 kW to several MW of power to the ground.

Ermes aggregates data about electrical and thermal consumption from different geographical spots delivering a consistent analysis about the energy efficiency of simple and complex systems.

Consisting of a data logger to be installed and a "cloud-based" web software which receives and analyzes real-time data received, the system is dedicated to O&M, energy utilities, investment funds and pulverized plant owners.

How it works The architecture

Hardware Datalogger and Software Monitoring Platform Architecture Schema

The New Generation Datalogger

  • Versatile
    is capable to communicate with several brands of device inverters, stringboxes, energy and net meters. Read more
  • Kind
    it integrates every communication ports: RS-485, RS-232, USB, Ethernet and several I/O ports. Read more
  • Accurate
    it acquires readings, statuses and registers directly from the devices (energy production registers, alarm codes, statistics, etc). Read more
  • Independent
    it communicates via a GPRS connection integrated in every datalogger: you don’t have to provide an internet connection. Read more
  • Multi-Purpose
    it integrates a professional meteo station to directly connect several environmental sensors (up to 3 piranometers and 2 temperature sensors PT100). Read more
  • Comfortable
    it can be remotely configurated through the web application or mobile. No incovenient display or custom configuration to remember. Read more
  • Always Updated
    it remotely updated its own firmware with a click from the user interface: you don't need to go on site to do it. Read more
  • Expansible
    it supports up tp 50 devices for each datalogger, including inverters, stringboxes, meters, weather sensors, etc. Read more
  • Scalable
    it supports more than one datalogger on the same plant, to ensure an even easier installation and more resilience. Read more
  • Reliable
    hardware and software are designed, engineered and made in Italy: we believe in high quality and fine craftmanship. Read more

Ermes Web App
The Cloud based web Application

  • White label
    the user interface can be customized with your logo and colors. Offer to your clients your monitoring solution with your own brand image. Read more
  • Reactive
    it receives the data from the dataloggers and it analyze them, sending immediately email and sms notifications for every alarming situation. Read more
  • Predictive
    besides showing explicit critical situations coming from the plant, it constantly analyze the raw data to find potential conditions that can become critical. Read more
  • Complete
    it includes a ticketing module to track all the activities to do on the plants: assign them to a maintenance staff member and create a shared and up-to-date maintenance log. Read more
  • Cloud
    our secure and scalable cloud based SaaS infrastructure archives all the historical readings coming from the plant. Stay focused on your core business: you don't need to cover the IT infrastructure, do backups or rely on your connectivity. Read more
  • Transparent
    the data coming from your plants are yours. At the end of every month we automatically export every data in a downloadable format for you. You can always export the daily data in an Excel document for every plant's device. Read more
  • Easy to use
    an intuitive user interface allows you to monitor the performances of the plant and its components at a glance. It's even more easy to analyze every single detail of the plant’s devices. Read more
  • Fast
    a real-time analysis section is always available to show the consolidated data with beautiful charts. PDF Digests and Excel reports are automatically generated each month. Read more
  • Mobile
    it’s completely web based. It’s natively compatible with smartphones and tablets thanks to the HTML5 technologies. Read more
  • Multi-user
    our architecture allows the creation of limited access credentials to the system, in order to differentiate the scope and the amout of details a user can see. Read more